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Site Maintenance – Chemical Spills

Proper chemical spill response planning can ensure that the chemical contamination does not cause harm or death to people, plants or other organisms. Proper spill response planning should also include implementation of safe working practices at the site of the chemical spill using extensive bunding as well as prompt information sharing with affected companies and public safety and emergency responders. A well planned and implemented chemical spill control plan includes the information that can be useful in analyzing chemical hazards and spill control response procedures. The key components of a chemical and hazardous materials spill kits include personal protective equipment (PPE), first aid, decontamination solutions and other spill response solutions. Proper health and safety regulations can be found at https://www.safeworkaustralia.gov.au/

Personal protective equipment (PPE) refers to clothing and materials that are worn to protect the user during exposure to chemical substances. This is usually only needed for employees who work with chemical substances on a regular basis. The use of chemical spill kits and personal protective equipment reduces the risks of chemical spills occurring at work places. The use of decontamination solutions improves the cleaning up process after the spill has been cleaned up. The use of chemical and industrial spill kits and spill response solutions can significantly reduce the contaminated substance and any danger to human health and the environment.

The spill kits and personal protective equipment do not solely address chemical spill management but also address environmental spill response. The spill kits are designed to clean up contaminated fluids from the site. The first aid and decontamination solutions are to care for injuries and illnesses caused by the spill. The use of decontamination solutions involves neutralizing hazardous chemicals and neutralizing any contaminated air, water or soil. Any solution that involves air sampling or ground testing must be reported immediately to the spill response office and analyzed as soon as possible. These are all important aspects of chemical and hazardous materials spill control.

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