2017 Milestone Dates for Exhibiting

Mar 1, 2017

DEADLINE to qualify as a Member @ 5PM CST | Members receive discounted pricing on booths. Learn more about our Exhibitor Fees and membership policy.
Apr 3, 2017
Exhibitor Booth Purchase OPENS @ 8AM CST | Lots of companies will have their fingers ready to get clicking to register, and you should too.
Jun 2, 2017

Deadline to request a booth design variance @ 5PM CST | We have policies about how your booth design can deviate from the norm, affecting your neighbors. If you want to do something different, then make your request in writing before this date and time by emailing metrocon@metrocon.info.
Jun 2, 2017

Deadline to cancel exhibit space with full refund @ 5PM CST | We'd hate to see you go, but if you must, then make your request in writing before this date and time by emailing metrocon@metrocon.info because after this point, you can leave, but we're keeping the cash.
Jun 16, 2017
Exhibitor Booth Purchase CLOSES @ 5PM CST | If all the exhibit space sells out prior to this date, then booth registration will close then.
Jun 19, 2017

Exhibitor Badge Registration OPENS | The Primary Exhibitor Contact will need to register those helping to work your exhibit space, and then they will be able to login individually as Attendees to do things like register for the Keynote, Seminars, CEUs, and Pre-Paid Lunches.
Jul 1, 2017

Latest date by which Exhibitor booth placements to be posted @ 8AM CST | We're 99.9% sure that we'll get them posted earlier than this, but we've got to have this disclaimer just in case things get weird.
Jul 7, 2017

Latest date by which Exhibitors may make changes to booth names & demographic data @ 5PM CST | After this date, if need to change a booth name, input your products' market segment(s) and/or descriptions, then you're out of luck.
Aug 4, 2017

Exhibitor Badge Registration CLOSES @ 5PM CST | After this date, all badge orders and changes must be made on-site at the Exhibitor Registration Desk for an additional fee, so save yourself some money and just get 'er done online.
Aug 7, 2017

Exhibiting Mobile Display Units allowed to move-in & set-up @ TIME TBD | If you are rolling your exhibit space in, then we're going to need to set you up first.
Aug 8, 2017
Exhibiting 2017 Sponsors allowed to move-in & set-up @ 1PM - 6PM CST | Sponsorship comes with perks, and this is one them.
Aug 9, 2017
All Exhibitors allowed to move-in & set-up @ 8AM - 7PM CST | Move 'em in and set 'em up.
Aug 10-11, 2017 METROCON17 Expo & Conference | Let the games begin!

Order electricity, carpet, furniture, etc. for your exhibit space:

You can order all these things and more directly through GES, our General Services Contractor. Stay tuned for ordering information April 2017. Please know that:

  • Each 10'x10' booth will include one wastebasket and a simple identification sign. Two folding chairs per each 10’x10’ booth can be requested at the GES Desk on-site for no additional fee.
  • You can use your own workers to load and unload your truck, move items in and out with non-motorized equipment, set up and dismantle your booth, etc.; however, you cannot use your own workers when motorized equipment – e.g., pallet jacks, forklifts, etc. – is required. If you require motorized equipment, then you must hire GES.

Order lead retrieval and/or connect with more attendees:

Metrocon, Inc. has partnered with Exceed Events LLC to offer both lead retrieval and digital marketing opportunities to improve your ROI during METROCON17. Stay tuned for ordering information April 2017.

We will also create a Marketing Toolkit with images and ideas to help you promote your presence at the show.

Lastly, be sure to enter the annual Pegasus Awards for Exhibitors. If your company wins, you will be listed on our Press page for an entire year. Not too shabby!

Exhibitor Move-In / Move-Out:

AUG 7, 2017 - MON TIME TBD: Move-in for Mobile Display Units ONLY
AUG 8, 2017 - TUE 1:00 PM - 6:00 PM: Move-in for METROCON17 Sponsors ONLY
AUG 9, 2017 - WED 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM: Move-in for all Exhibitors
AUG 11, 2017 - FRI 3:00 PM - 8:00 PM: Move-out for all Exhibitors
AUG 12, 2017 - SAT 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM: Move-out for all Exhibitors