• Started in 2003, METROCON is the largest not-for-profit, self-produced, volunteer-driven, design specification-focused regional expo and conference in the USA.
  • The annual event introduces new products and ideas to the region’s community of Interior Designers, Architects, Specifiers, Facility Managers, Real Estate Professionals, Students & other Essential Industry Members catering to the built environment.
  • Exhibitors and education cater to the corporate, education, healthcare, hospitality, institutional, multifamily, residential, and retail design fields.
  • Committee volunteers representing several associations focusing on the built environment have joined forces and pooled resources to offer the best in exhibitors and continuing education to their members and beyond.
  • This year's METROCON partnering associations are (in alphabetical order): ASID Texas Chapter, ASID Texas Gulf Coast Chapter, CSI Dallas Chapter, NEWH Dallas Chapter, and USGBC Texas Chapter. Any income from the event goes back to the Committee volunteers’ respective built environment organizations to fund valuable programming and scholarships or to those organizations’ respective foundations and designated charities.

METROCON18 will take place on Thursday, August 9 & Friday, August 10, 2018.
METROCON17 took place at Dallas Market Hall on Thursday, August 10 & Friday, August 11, 2017. To access photos from the show, as well the list of the winners of the Pegasus Exhibitor Awards, visit our Press page. To see stats from the show, scroll down.



> Of all registered Attendees, when asked which sectors they were currently practicing in and/or seeking resources for, the responses broke down as follows (listed in order of highest to lowest percentage):

  • 58.3%: Commercial Market ONLY
  • 29.6%: BOTH the Commercial & Residential Markets
  • 11.4%: Residential Market ONLY
  • 00.7%: Unknown (uncollected data)

> Of the registered Attendees who indicated at least one Commercial category, segments broke down as follows (listed in order of highest to lowest percentage):

  • 55.3%: Workplace
  • 37.9%: Hospitality
  • 29.8%: Healthcare
  • 25.5%: Retail/Store Planning
  • 24.9%: Education
  • 23.7%: Multifamily
  • 17.4%: Institutional

> When asked which sectors they served, Exhibitors broke down as follows on a square footage basis (in order of highest to lowest percentage):

  • 46.1%: Commercial Market ONLY
  • 43.8%: BOTH Commercial & Residential Markets
  • 10.1%: Residential Market ONLY



> Of all registered Attendees, 49.4% were from Texas, 2.4% were from Oklahoma, 3.2% were from 35 other states and Canada.

> Of all registered Attendees, when asked which title best described them, the responses broke down as follows (listed in order of highest to lowest percentage):

  • 49.4%: Interior Designers
  • 13.3%: Representatives (Dealer, Independent or Manufacturer)
  • 7.5%: Architects
  • 4.5%: Students
  • 2.2%: Builders & Contractors
  • 1.3%: Facility Managers/Planners

> The remaining Attendees were a mixture of (in alphabetical order) the following:

  • Artists
  • Business Development Professionals
  • Clients/End Users
  • Consultants
  • Developers
  • Distributors
  • Educators
  • Engineers
  • Executives
  • Fabricators
  • Installers
  • Landscape Architects/Designers
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Other
  • Photographers
  • Product Designers
  • Purchasing Agent/Procurement Officers
  • Real Estate Professionals
  • Retailers
  • Specification Writers
  • Suppliers

> Of all registered Attendees, when asked which organizations they belonged to, the responses broke down as follows (listed in order of highest to lowest percentage): [NOTE: Includes multiple-memberships.]

  • 17.6%: ASID
  • 12.6%: IIDA
  • 5.9%: AIA
  • 5.9%: USGBC
  • 5.5%: NEWH
  • 1.2%: CSI



> We sold 53 METROCON Sponsorships, the most in the event’s 15-year history.

> 202 Exhibitors showed under 277 vendor names, 95 of which were not on last year’s list.



> Of all registered Attendees, 75.3% registered for no CE courses.

> 79 Speakers from 16 states presented.

> We offered 3 non-credit Seminars.

> We received 109 Continuing Education presentation submittals, ultimately offering 44 CE Courses in 45 1-hr classes, which included a Keynote Address. The CE courses broke down as follows:

  • 41 Hours: contained HSW content to meet CE requirements for Registered Interior Designers and Registered Architects
  • 21 Hours: were AIA-approved
  • 14 Hours: were EDAC-approved
  • 17 Hours: were GBCI-approved or could be self-reported to GBCI
  • 45 Hours: were IDCEC-approved
  • 33 Hours: applied to the Education Sector
  • 23 Hours: applied to Facility Management
  • 37 Hours: applied to the Healthcare Sector
  • 30 Hours: applied to the Hospitality Sector
  • 30 Hours: applied to the Institutional Sector
  • 30 Hours: applied to the Multifamily Sector
  • 20 Hours: applied to the Residential Sector
  • 30 Hours: applied to the Retail/Store Planning Sector
  • 39 Hours: applied to the Workplace Sector



> 2,749 people registered for badges (6.6% fewer than the average of the last 4 years), 1,903 (69.2%) of which were Attendees and 846 (30.8%) of which were Exhibitor/Sponsor Staff.

> METROCON17 marked the 15th anniversary of the event.